When Your Creativity Drives Entrepreneurship and Accomplishment

The founders of Sugarberry House Publishing and others like them inspire many to start that business idea.

When Your Creativity Drives Entrepreneurship and Accomplishment

One thing that 2020 taught us was that life is too short of making your aspiration wait. Plus, creativity drives entrepreneurship and accomplishment as we see life differently. The year 2020 helped us create many new businesses. According to media sites like CNN, the world lost 3.7 million people due to COVID-19, which is still rising despite slower growth. With loved ones often far away, only now are some countries allowing meetings and the embrace of people we could not be close to for over a year, what we value has changed. Death seems inevitable now, whereas before, it was taboo. More time spent with people you truly love has also become more critical than before. We visit family more and take time to call or even send a message to check-in. We also use our creativity to drive entrepreneurship and accomplishments.

Small entrepreneurs people and those who always had that special idea to make money suddenly register their businesses and launch that dream. I had the opportunity to speak to the founders, Lynn Smith and Omari Allen, of an innovative company called Sugarberry House Publishing. Their first series of publications is a coloring book entitled Black is the Color Of…Vol.1. It’s a three-part series with the first volume released already, volume two scheduled for next month, and volume three in the Fall. You can order the books at this link or the Amazon.com link below.

“Own Your Journey”


I am curious how small businesses, individuals in large businesses, and the story of just about anyone who owned their journey in life, work, family, sport, and whatever they set their minds to. How do we take command despite all the challenges? We can control many things and benefit from our labor, love, and life force. Often the discouragement is the feelings of inadequacy or imposter syndrome. How do people dust off internal fear and external criticism to launch their idea? Where does that drive come from? Sometimes, we want to defy the expectations of nay-sayers. How do we stay focused on that journey when stressed?

These answers are unique to each of our life stories. I hope my meandered writings and videos will inspire others to aspire and achieve just as many others have and continue to inspire me. The founders of Sugarberry House Publishing and others like them inspire many to start that business idea. Their business idea, a Black genre coloring book, also provides uplifting and feel-good media. I recall Lynn saying she was unaware there were so many steps to publish a book. Sadly, we sometimes hold ourselves back because we fear the unknown hoops we may have to overcome. Watch the video with Lynn Smith and her son Omari Allen as we dive into these books of nostalgia. Watch the video to the end to get information on how you can win a five-away.