Navigating Health and Safety Abroad: A Guide for the Mid-Life Traveler

Embarking on adventures abroad in the prime of your life? "Navigating Health and Safety Abroad: A Guide for the Mid-Life Traveler" offers invaluable insights into staying healthy and secure on your global explorations.

Woman standing on a balcony in a navy blue suit.
Photo by Jabari Timothy / Unsplash

I am at the age where I need access to decent health care that is not exorbitantly capitalized as an incentive. I also have aging family members who must be in places with good health care. The generation of Paige before me is at the age where they don't have a choice but to be in a place with accessible and affordable healthcare. Traveling in the prime of your life offers a splendid opportunity to explore the world's vast wonders, from the 365 beaches of Antigua (see link to my article on this topic at the end), the bustling streets of Tokyo, or the serene landscapes of Tuscany (on my bucket list), we must now consider how we navigate health and safety on our journeys.