6 Reasons This Blog Is A Keeper

A blog would be a more permanent and accessible reservoir for such an exchange.

6 Reasons This Blog Is A Keeper
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My First Blog.

Usually, I write comments and posts on social media and make my views heard in webinars, conferences, and seminars in speaking engagements. However, these media are temporary, and I, too, forget what I had done myself. Plus, I am not convinced, with all the plethora of ideas floating around on my social media, that I am truly helpful to society in the way I want to be. I want more focus. I want to provide a forum for like-minded professionals to offer solutions.

So, I thought a blog would be a more permanent and accessible reservoir for such an exchange. This approach would keep the ideas visible and find a place to nurture solutions with my community. Since starting, I have touched on various topics you can read here.

In addition, I was encouraged by family and friends to share my world improvement views via this medium. Since I don’t have all the answers, I hope to collaborate with many others. Perhaps together, we may have all the answers. I do touch on everything from cooking to leadership.

Consequently, here are six reasons this blog is a keeper. Of course, it’s for those bombarded by multiple online distractions. Still, it creates an intellectual forum for solutions to economic and development challenges faced by governments of cities, states, countries of all types, and even companies. Accordingly, I will answer six simple questions about who, what, when, why, and my newly launched blog.

1. Who am I?

I was born in Antigua. Would you please read my other blogs about my adventures growing up there? I consider myself an American of Caribbean origin. Antigua is an island state in the Caribbean – “West Indies” if you are from a cricket-loving nation. I grew up with my grandmother but spent some time with my mother in the Bronx, New York. I am an economist. With over 20 years of experience, I have worked in the public sector focusing on diplomacy, development, economics, and aviation. For further details on my background, see my About or Linked-in page. This blog is the first of many entries. I aim to showcase my opinions on global themes and build a forum for a like-minded community.

2. Why am I blogging?

For over 20 years, I have been writing, teaching, and speaking on topics related to economic development. I am often invited to give my opinion on various issues that impacts growth and prosperity. My blog readers will get ideas on policy direction for both good times and crises. In addition, readers will benefit from global experiences from me and other experts, colleagues, and friends who share their opinions on this forum or social media. These are people I have come to partner with over the years. This blog is our connection to comment and contribute towards our global ideals on policy, business, and development issues. I want to also learn from the community and connect with people. Therefore, I look forward to hearing other professional viewpoints.

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3. What am I going to blog about?

I will blog about leadership, foreign policy, trade promotion and policy, economic development, and aviation. However, since I am not a monolith, I also blog about food, history, health, travel, family, culture, politics, and anything affecting our lives. The aim is to find valuable and cohesive solutions for people in these areas. In addition, I will sometimes blog about travel and societal issues that impact culture and our understanding of the world. As such, the latter on society will begin my category my opinion on everything. I think the more we experience each other’s culture, the more appreciative we become and the more we trust each other to conduct business. So, the plan is to write a blog weekly, on weekends. In addition, I will share audio and video links to speaking engagements and events I am involved in and those I think my readers would appreciate.

4. Who am I writing for?

When I worked for the government of Antigua & Barbuda, as a diplomat and international civil servant in Geneva, as a consultant, and now as an aviation expert, I always wished I had a source of collective advice to help me with new ideas for problems at work. I wanted this in one place to save time. My colleagues did too.

This blog is a keeper for anyone interested in trade and economic development. Therefore, I am writing for people interested in helping their cities and countries prosper and aviation professionals who want to understand the connection between their work and the rest of their community. I expect my audience to be intelligent, ambitious, global-minded people who wish to discuss best practices and solutions and share their expertise. I am, in a way, Owning my Journey. Despite many challenges, I hope to do that with others who have moved their business forward.

5. How can you get involved?

I encourage comments that are constructive and add value. Complain in a way that makes us aware of the problems. Meanwhile, offer viable solutions because your comments should trigger practical answers for those with questions. Despite this, don’t shy away from asking questions if that’s all you have for now. Readers can submit comments in the blog and emails with their questions, suggestions, or viewpoints. I will also welcome guest postings on relevant themes as we deepen our discussions.

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6. What are my blogging goals?

I aim to improve human quality of life, whatever our cultural heritage and upbringing. As a result, we should consider what makes us content with life. Does it involve economic and societal leadership that believes in building the right environment? What guides our demands to our leaders to represent our interests? This blog is a space to discuss challenges, ask questions, and propose solutions. In 3-6 months, I want a thriving community of people contributing to finding solutions to whatever negatively impacts our prosperity.

Accordingly, I will post the blog on all my social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, and Linked In. I hope to be better over time based on feedback. So bear with me as I try something new.

As with this introduction, with its six reasons this blog is a keeper, I will be open, frank, and controversial to some, and I want my community to do the same and share their passion. This blog is a keeper because it’s a forum for you (and me) to learn, be better, and leave a legacy on this planet. I am not here to sell any cure-all remedy. As with my speaking engagements, papers, and work worldwide, I want to help build solutions.

What global, national, and local economic challenges hinder prosperity from your perspective? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Those of you who follow this blog may realize it looks different. In October 2021, I revised the look with a new host that should be easier to use. I hope you like it.

Now in 2023, I have even more changes. I will feature posts about business and economics on the company website, Thera Solutions Group. Others dealing with travel, food, culture, and family will remain on elliottdpaige.com. I thought it necessary to separate my readers now that I am consulting and traveling full-time. Of course, if you desire to follow both blogs, please don’t hesitate.