Unveiling Enchanting Beaches: My Irresistible Journey through Antigua & Barbuda

The sand is white, and in some areas of the island, it has finely crushed strikingly pink shells that give the shoreline a romantic rose-colored glow.

Unveiling Enchanting Beaches: My Irresistible Journey through Antigua & Barbuda
Photo by Mike Swigunski / Unsplash

Exploring Childhood Adventures, Natural Wonders, and Island Survival Stories

Red Hill Bay: Where Snorkeling, Fishing, and Childhood Memories Collide

In the vibrant waters of Red Hill Bay, I embarked on an unforgettable journey of discovery. From learning to snorkel to venturing into the depths of the sea, this beach became my playground. Join me as I reminisce about the thrill of catching conch and Wilks, those peculiar sea snails that tantalize the taste buds. Dive into the turquoise waters and let the secrets of Red Hill Bay unveil themselves.

Wanton Adventures on the Beach: Rafts, Sea Snails, and Dagger Logs

Our youthful imaginations ran wild on the shores of Antigua. Armed with logs from the majestic Agave karatto tree, we crafted rafts that defied the tides. Join me as we navigate the sparkling waves, explore hidden coves, and indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of the sea. Let's relish the simplicity and joy of those carefree days spent on the sands of paradise.

The Allure of Pink Sands and Coconut Trees: Beaches that Radiate Paradise

Antigua and Barbuda, where nature paints the shoreline with hues of romance. From the captivating white sands to the blush of pink shells, these beaches bewitch the soul—journey with me to the pristine shores of Barbuda, where the coastline seems to stretch into eternity. Let the sway of the coconut trees and the whispers of the trade winds transport you to a realm of tranquility.

Surviving the Storms: Hurricanes, Wild September, and the Resilience of Island Life

The beauty of paradise comes with a price. Join me as I recount tales of survival amidst the tumultuous hurricanes that sweep through our shores. From the nerve-wracking Hurricane Hugo to the relentless fury of Luis and Georges, witness the strength and resilience of a community that stands tall against the forces of nature. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey through the eye of the storm.

Photo by Lindsey Erin / Unsplash

The Forbidden Manchineel Tree: Secrets of Nature's Dangerous Charm

Amidst the allure of Antigua's beaches lies a hidden danger. Discover the intriguing tale of the Manchineel tree, a deceptively beautiful presence with poisonous fruits and acidic sap. Journey with me as we unveil the mysteries and heed the warnings of this enigmatic tree. Let's navigate the coastal paths cautiously and respect nature's tricks.

Sea Water in Our Blood: Craving Exotic Beaches and the Pleasures of Floating

Once the sea claims a piece of your heart, it forever flows through your veins. Join me as we yearn for the exquisite beaches of Antigua and Barbuda. Feel the warmth of the sun-kissed sand beneath your feet, relish the salty breeze caressing your skin, and surrender to the serenity of floating on calm Leeward Bay waters. Indulge in the eternal romance between our souls and the sea.

Cookouts, Rice Borrowing, and Salty Skin: Childhood Delights by the Water

A journey to the beach was never complete without embracing the culinary adventures that awaited us. Gather around the wood fire as we whip up impromptu cookouts with the marine treasures we hauled from the sea. Join me as we reminisce about the joyous days spent under the Caribbean sun, with rice borrowed from our mothers' pantries and fingertips wrinkled from endless ocean frolics.

Extraordinarily Hungry and Tired: Waves, Appetites, and the Beach's Endless Charms

There's something magical about the crashing waves that stir up an insatiable hunger and an overwhelming sense of fatigue. Perhaps it's the exhilarating dance with the ocean as we leap and dive to conquer each wave. Or maybe it's the sheer energy we expend while basking in the sun-drenched paradise. Join me as we relish the memories of youthful adventures, where our stomachs growled and our bodies begged for rest after a day of unabashed play.

A Call to Antigua: Unveiling the Paradise of 365 Beaches

Fort James, Long Bay, Pigeon Point Beach, Deep Bay, Morris Bay, Valley Church Beach, Ffryes Beach, Half Moon Bay, Turners Beach, Jabberwock Beach, Darkwood Bay—the names roll off the tongue like a melody, each representing a slice of paradise. Antigua boasts 365 beaches, one for every day of the year. Immerse yourself in the video below, capturing the very essence of the place I call home—a tranquil haven begging to be explored.

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey to Antigua, Where Paradise Beckons

As I conclude this heartfelt tribute to the exotic beaches of Antigua and Barbuda, I extend an invitation to all wanderers and dreamers alike. Let the sun's gentle caress warm your skin as the sand cradles your feet. Dive into the crystal-clear waters and witness the vibrant underwater world that teems with life. Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of freshly caught seafood, leaving your taste buds yearning for more.

With its resplendent beaches and resilient spirit, Antigua is a destination that will forever imprint upon your soul. So, pack your bags, let the allure of adventure guide you, and set sail for a place where enchantment awaits. Discover the captivating stories etched within the waves. The laughter shared under the swaying palm trees and the moments of pure bliss that will forever shape your memories.

Welcome to Antigua, where paradise becomes an extraordinary reality.

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Photo by Mike Swigunski / Unsplash

The land has finely crushed, strikingly pink shells that give the shoreline a romantic rose-colored glow. I have not visited Barbuda, with its captivating beaches, for many years. The sand is also pink, and the shoreline seems to go on forever. At certain times of the day, you could have total privacy on an exotic beach in paradise.

Coconut trees usually line the shores, although the repeated violence of hurricanes has uprooted many. Annual storms have eroded much of our coasts. Climate change continues to have a negative impact on small island states. During those unlucky years, hurricanes hit between June and November. From my experience, the peak month is “Wild September.” I survived Hurricane Hugo in 1989, Luis in 1995, and Georges in 1998, all during this tumultuous time. In another article, I recounted my hurricane experience, noting how we were exposed to life-threatening gale-force winds. It may be a nail-biter for some readers.

The Forbidden Manchineel Tree

If you end up on one of these irresistible beaches on my island or any other in the Caribbean and notice a richly green tree with small unripe fruits, please don’t eat the fruit or touch the tree. The juice, or rather the milk, is poisonous. It won’t kill you but will cause a nasty blister. Also, don’t shelter under these trees during rainfall. The water dripping from the tree will burn and blister your skin—just a warning.

Sea water in our blood

I still yearn for exotic beaches I love in paradise.  Admittedly, I am a beach snob. It must be warm, with white sand, sometimes pink with tiny shells as described above, and not rocky or muddy.  The seaweed between my toes hides sea creatures, so I need at least an open spot with just sand. Fresh-caught fish taste the best.  I miss swimming for what seemed like miles of peace and harmony in our childhood mischievousness. In the past, I have fallen asleep from the pleasure of floating on a calm Leeward island bay. So far, I am still alive to talk about it. That’s good.

A day out as kids would involve sailing and beach activities most summers when school was out.  Someone would permanently borrow a pound of rice from their mother’s pantry. Then, we would have a spontaneous cookout using a wood fire on the beach with whatever marine creature we caught.  Often we spent so much time in the sea that the skin on our fingertips would shrivel as if we were losing the flesh in them. The trade winds cooled our sweaty and salty skin.

“Oh island in the sun, built for me by my father’s hands, all my days I will sing and praise of the shining water and shining sun”.

Harry Belafonte

Extraordinarily Hungry and Tired

We did not fight much, but our play, building a raft that worked on water, was lots of hard but gratifying work.  We made our functioning spare guns to fish with from wood and spare parts of different things around our houses. I could not replicate it today, so we must have been smarter then.  I never learned to clear my ears until scuba diving classes years later, so like many of us, I often had ear infections as I had ocean water in my ears for most of the summer.

The beach was magnetizing. We spent hours with abandoned. For some reason, high ocean waves made you extraordinarily hungry and tired.  It was probably the constant jumping in the sea so the waves would not overpower us.  Or perhaps, just the amount of energy we burnt being so active outdoors all day. Those were days of youthful adventure. Now, I wish to lay on a beach chair under a palm tree with a refreshingly, sinfully adult drink. Antigua may be my next stop when we can travel again safely.

Exotic beaches I love in Paradise include Fort James, Long Bay, Pigeon Point Beach, Deep Bay, Morris Bay, Valley Church Beach, Ffryes Beach, Half Moon Bay, Turners Beach, Jabberwock Beach, and Darkwood Bay. There are many other good beaches – 365, one for each day of the year. See below a calming video of the area I grew up in.

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