March Madness: Best U.S. Cities for Basketball Fans

March Madness ignites a fervor only true basketball cities can amplify. From the basketball heartland of Indianapolis to the vibrant courts of Los Angeles, discover the top U.S. cities where every dribble and dunk is a spectacle. Experience the tournament's excitement and history firsthand.

basketball stadium packed with spectators.
Photo by JC Gellidon / Unsplash

March Madness grips the U.S. with thrilling college basketball action. For fans eager to immerse themselves in the excitement, several cities not only host key games but are also steeped in basketball history.

Indianapolis, Indiana - Known as the basketball capital, Indianapolis has deep ties to the sport. The city frequently hosts NCAA tournament games, including finals, at Lucas Oil Stadium. Don't miss the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame for a journey through hoops history.

San Antonio, Texas - With a vibrant basketball scene and the AT&T Center hosting numerous NCAA games, San Antonio is a fan's dream. The city's River Walk offers plenty of sports bars where fans can catch the action live.

New Orleans, Louisiana - New Orleans combines unique culture with basketball fervor during March Madness. The Smoothie King Center and numerous sports bars in the French Quarter provide perfect spots to watch the games.

Los Angeles, California - A city with a rich basketball heritage, Los Angeles hosts tournament games at the Staples Center. Explore the city's basketball culture and catch a game at sports bars in L.A. Live for a memorable March Madness experience.

Charlotte, North Carolina - In the heart of basketball country, Charlotte's Spectrum Center is a prime venue for tournament games. The city's deep-rooted basketball culture and numerous sports bars make it an ideal destination for fans.

  1. Indianapolis, Indiana - Basketball Heritage: Visit Indy - Indianapolis and Basketball
  2. San Antonio, Texas - AT&T Center: AT&T Center
  3. New Orleans, Louisiana - Smoothie King Center: Smoothie King Center
  4. Los Angeles, California - Staples Center: Staples Center
  5. Charlotte, North Carolina - Spectrum Center: Spectrum Center Charlotte